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“Chuck Richie’s one-person show THREADS OF COMPASSION: The Voices of My Past explores who he is through his research on his paternal and maternal ancestors.  Fully using recorded voice…music, and role playing, his quest for the past and the present is something which everyone can relate to.                                                                                                                                      During the pre-show the audience is invited to look at and even touch Chuck’s family memorabilia while he casually explains their background story to us. This is very refreshing, totally breaking the barrier between the performer and the audience; usually the audience is not allowed to bother the performers before the show!                                                                                                    …the whole performance is a testimony of who Chuck is—an intelligent, curious, caring compassionate, and loving person who continues to seek connections with other human beings through his personal investigation about his family history and stories.”

-Dr. Yuko Kurahashi

Associate Professor/Graduate Coordinator

School of Theatre and Dance

Kent State University


“Hi Chuck,, what a great and fun evening we had on Friday... Love the play!”

                            -Sue Rafie

“We totally enjoyed our evening with you and your ancestors.  Half way through the play I thought how wonderful that people that lived more than a hundred years ago have been given a voice today.  They aren't dead and forgotten but live not only in you but in your work. You made me think that even if we are forgotten after death as generations pass, we really do survive in the family members that come after us. We are fortunate to have been able to be there on opening night.  Thank you.”

                            -Virginia and Robert Mazurak

“I feel lucky to have been in the audience for the first night of your look through the poetic microscope of your DNA. What an admirable, creative labor of love you undertook to search for the whys and wherefores of your own life within your family history.  You have a rare ability, as an actor and a person to see the story within someone else. Thanks for sharing your journey with the rest of us!”

                            -Jean Sowles 


“We loved your show. You are a great storyteller.”

                            -Kathy and Eric Trattner


“Congratulations on THREADS!

-Laura Kepley, Artistic Director

Cleveland Play House


“Purely delightful performance at the Liminis Theater by…Chuck Richie, as he took us on a journey through his personal history…”

-Barbara Brengartner


“Thank you so much for letting me know about your show. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. The information amassed is precious indeed and choosing to share is a blessing for many!”
-Deborah Ingersoll

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